How Fitness Amenities in Residential Plots Make a Healthy Living?

Ankit works as a software professional in an MNC that’s not very close to his residence. Even though he’s a fitness enthusiast, he couldn’t hit the gym as he was constantly short of time and the gym was pretty distant from his place. Under such circumstances, where he had to travel for almost 3 hours a day sitting in a cab and then be seated for long hours at his workplace, he was getting obese. 

This is not just Ankit’s story. I’m sure many of you could relate to this and understand how the lack of a gym around you adds to the complexities in life. Let’s take a look at Seema’s story. 

Seema is a mother to a kindergarten-going hyperactive toddler. Before her pregnancy, Seema was a proactive working professional who took great care of her health and fitness. However, with her kid now, most of her day is occupied by taking care of things at home. Even though she’s happy to do so, Seema is quite concerned about her fitness as she’s gaining too much weight by not working out the way she used to do before. She found out that the nearest gym could take at least an hour of travel excluding the time to work out. 

There are thousands of individuals like Ankit and Seema who desire to hit the gym to stay fit and healthy but cannot. One of the most prominent reasons for the same is the lack of accessibility of gym facilities in their residential complexes. Thus, picking a residential complex that has adequate fitness amenities or gyms in particular, will resolve the common concern of most residents as fitness will emerge as a part of their daily lives without the hassle to travel for hours. 

It is estimated that the in-house fitness centres in the Indian fitness industry would rise to a $90 billion market in the very near future. It is an evident consequence of our awareness and changing perception of health and fitness as individuals of a growing economy. However, one of the most prominent factors that show up when people are interviewed as to why they don’t go to the gym often is the lack of convenience. Bad weather, traffic, wastage of time travelling to the gym, etc. are some of the most common causes that contribute to this factor as a barrier. On the contrary, when people were asked if they would hit the gym if it were just 30 seconds away, their obvious response was a big yes! You see, distance makes all the difference. 

Property developers realized this growing need and demand for fitness amenities or gyms in residential complexes and tapped into it to provide the residents with a healthy and fit living experience. These amenities often include gyms, jogging tracks, swimming pools, and sports arenas. As a consequence, many residential plots now have dedicated fitness centres specially curated to facilitate a wide range of health and fitness benefits. These fitness centres not only come across as a great means of convenience for the residents living there but also add true value to the residential complex as a whole. 

If you are wondering why healthy living experience is in such demand, then let us tell you that according to a survey conducted recently, 48% of Indians look forward to a healthier lifestyle. Organic foods, healthy eating habits, fitness technology awareness and the growing popularity of gym subscriptions are all pointing towards a demographic where the people are pretty much health conscious. 

This shift in attitude towards health and fitness is a consequence of the extremely fast-paced lives that individuals are living. Their lifestyle is inflicting problems including mental and physical stress that lead to several other severe problems. Thus, fitness here shows up as the most integral part of a healthy lifestyle which further keeps all such ailments away. Individuals today, especially the millennials and the Gen Z, are the most religious followers of this emerging and going-to-be prominent trend. Hence, the demand for in-house fitness amenities will only rise in the future. 

Developers now have to get creative and inclusive of the different types of fitness amenities to include in residential complexes. Gone are the days when gyms and swimming pools could do it all. Today and in the future, residential complexes would be inclusive of: 

  • Yoga Studio with the appropriate ambience 
  • Jogging tracks with appealing views
  • Swimming pools that have different levels for learners of different categories 
  • Sports rooms for table tennis, snooker, etc. 
  • Outdoor gaming areas for sports like badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. 
  • Gyms with the right equipment and trainers. 

The healthier the living experience, the more the chances of convincing potential property owners. This is because a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal of most individuals. 

Besides a healthier lifestyle that’s free from obesity and other associated ailments, fitness amenities in residential complexes are also a boon for the children and the elderly. Children would always have an encouraging and engaging environment to practice a healthier lifestyle in such complexes with safety as an added advantage. And the elderly, oh believe us, they’d admire such facilities just like you would! 

At Park Lane, PC Realty brings to you a very similar experience in terms of healthy living with all modern amenities of fitness technology. From community rooms to outdoor sports arenas, this location entails it all to provide you what you’re looking for, right at the comfort of your residential complex. 

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