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No one wishes to live in a busy and loud environment. We always desire to be in a calm and peaceful place where we can enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. In fact, most of us like to live very close to nature, breathe fresh air, bask in the pleasant sunshine, and much more. If we look around, we can see people are now making space for gardens and lawns inside their homes for greener and pure living. The reason behind this is quite obvious, natural surroundings and greenery refresh every moment of our life. Moreover, a greener touch inside the home lends a pleasant feel to our eyes. Everyday interactions with nature will benefit us in many ways. It comes with a number of health benefits. The fresh air, calm atmosphere, perfect weather, etc is sure to uplift the quality of our life.

Sometimes, living in the hustling areas of big cities can be quite annoying. The reason being, we don’t even realize how clogged the air is until we enjoy the beauty of nature and realize that air actually smells really good when it’s fresh. In fact, living in proximity to green spaces is a simple and affordable way to improve our health. One of the major reasons people love to build their dream home on the outskirts of the city, is to live closer to nature and experience true green-living.

The Benefits Of Living Close to Nature

Living close to green spaces can benefit us and our families in more ways than one. Studies have proven that people living close to shrubs, trees, and green spaces have a longer life span, fewer health issues, more energy, and sharper minds as compared to their counterparts. Here are some of the benefits we derive from living in proximity to nature.

1. Fresh Air & Healthy Weather

Research shows that spending time in the fresh air, surrounded by nature increases the body’s energy by 90 percent. Fresh air generally has higher levels of oxygen, and it helps us feel more energized every day. Moreover, the fresh air helps the lungs to dilate more and improve the cleansing process. On the other hand, living in a freshly aired atmosphere prevents us from many airborne diseases and health conditions that affect both young and older people.

It is a well-known fact that green spaces render a fresh and healthy atmosphere to everyone. Parklane is a plotted development project at the basin valley of Nandhi Hills with plenty of green spaces and a relaxing atmosphere. The calming environment helps people to enjoy what they are doing without any distractions. For instance, a pleasant outdoor climate in the morning will be a motivation to indulge in daily workouts and joggings.

2. Calm and Quiet Atmosphere

When you really want to take a break from the distracting noise of the city, nothing beats being able to drive to your quiet, peaceful home and enjoy the silence. While others struggle to shut off the city’s cars, sirens, and general neighborhood sounds, you get to enjoy all the calm and quiet that nature has to offer. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

3. A Healthy Life

People who live near a park or woods are known to experience less anxiety and depression. Moreover, the Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives recently made news in the medical community when they proved that people who live around greener areas of vegetation live longer than those who live in cities.

Surrounding yourself with nature means that your mental and physical health both are getting a boost. The study found that those who live around greener areas have a 13% lower death rate when battling cancer, a 30% reduction in instances of depression, and a 34% lower death rate from respiratory diseases. In short, living in nature can be a blessing to everyone. Keeping this in mind, we have plotted Parklane at the basin valley of Nandi Hills that facilitates a healthy and wealthy life. 

At Parklane, you can enjoy the luxury of green spaces with your loved ones at the basin valley of Nandi Hills. The calm and pleasant atmosphere with fresh air will keep your kids cheerful and happy no matter what. Parklane is the best option for those who love to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and experience modern living culture at the same time.

Being one of the top-rated plotted developments in Bangalore, we provide the perfect combination of private and community spaces at affordable pricing with best-in-class amenities that make everyone’s day-to-day life hassle-free. Build your dream home at Parklane to enjoy every day of your home living. Call Us Today.

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