Things To Know Before Deciding The Plot Location Of Your Dream Home

It can be quite hard deciding on a location when it comes to investing in a residential plot. Every locale has its own advantages and disadvantages which makes it quite tough to compare the many options available. We might find a perfect surrounding but then some may say that it is inconvenient. However, it totally depends on us where to build our dream home. We might be looking for a piece of land with certain location advantages like proximity to schools if we have very young kids, close to hospitals if we have older parents, etc. We might be looking for a plot surrounded by greenery for better health. Hence, there can be multiple reasons to buy or not to buy a plot in a particular location. The decision varies based on our perspective and needs.

But there are certain important questions we should ask ourselves before deciding on the location of a plot. First and foremost, you must make sure that you have the accessibility to almost everything needed to live a quality and happy life. Also, consider the surroundings of the land which you are planning to buy. For instance, you can choose plots surrounded by nature or plots with an urban vibe. Nonetheless, the location of the plot should be future ready. There are several residential plot options from which we can choose the best for greater convenience. As mentioned earlier, the end decision is influenced by many factors depending on personal preferences.

Here are some of the top factors you should consider before buying or moving to a new place. Residential plots like Parklane that meet these criteria are a true blessing for many investors due to its excellent location and a host of modern-day amenities.

Why does accessibility matter?

Think about driving for over an hour to drop your kids at school in the morning when you have to reach the office without getting late. Can you imagine rushing to a hospital that is 20km away from your residence when you have an emergency? This is why everyone recommends buying a plot with more accessibility to schools, hospitals, and shops. Accessibility is one of the main reasons people relocate from rural areas to towns or developing cities like Devanahalli, Bangalore. Parklane is a plotted development project that integrates community living with individual housing in Devanahalli. The villa plots at Parklane ae close to Kempegowda International Airport – at the valley basin of Nandi hills. Located on Devanahalli-Doddaballapur Road (NH 207). Moreover, the villa plots are located in an investment hotspot surrounded by a ring of neighborhoods and upcoming bustling IT parks.

How good is the surrounding?

Surroundings are also equally important and everyone has a different perspective about it. Some of us may prefer a plot that is more close to nature. On the other hand, some might choose a land very close to the city. Building a residence neighboring to greenery and quality landscapes will be more desirable than the latter. The knowledge of health benefits are realized when people look for villa plots and homes. Trees and shrubs are becoming an essential part of modern housing designs aimed at connecting people with nature.

One of the advantages of having residential plots like Parklane is that it gives us a fresh and pleasant atmosphere throughout the day. It won’t be as boring as sitting on the 15th floor of a building and glazing the sky. Keeping all this in mind, we at PC Realty, designed one of the best-plotted development projects in the heart of Bangalore. Parklane is plotted at the basin valley of Nandhi hills for an integrated community living for everyone who wishes to have a dream home immersed in the goodness of nature.

The future developments of the city

The future development matters a lot more than the present amenities and infrastructure of a particular location proposition of new schools, hospitals, public transportation, and other civic infrastructure proximate to the plot can facilitate quality and trouble-free life experience. Moreover, commercial development can increase the property value if we want to sell the same property after a couple of years.

Devanahalli is one of the finest places in Bangalore with the perfect combination of nature and developments. Parklane is located at Devanahalli and hosts several location advantages like proximity to Kempegowda International Airport, close to National Highway, the basin valley Nandhi hills, surrounded by upcoming IT Parks, and many more. Parklane will be the perfect match for your dream home if you desire to experience the touch of nature with a blend of private and community spaces. Come and visit our best-in-class luxurious villa plots at Devanahalli.

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