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The clubhouse is one of the most prevalent features in gated communities. The reason behind this is to make things easier and comfortable for everyone living in or around. It accommodates everything needed for our day-to-day activities like playing, entertainment, and gatherings with family and friends etc. But how many of us think about the convenience factor when we talk about clubhouses? In fact, these facilities are designed to facilitate a better living standard for everyone.

Here are some of the facilities you must have in a clubhouse when you are buying a gated plot community living. In fact, most of these facilities are inevitable in our day-to-day life. Moreover, a fully-featured clubhouse can be a time saver and make things easier and comfortable for every one of us.

Swimming Pool

When we hear the word “swimming pool”, the first things that pop in our mind are “summer, relaxation, exercise, and fun”. We remember all the cool, refreshing dips we took during hot summer days, the get-togethers, parties, and of course, the relay races. The point being, every one of us associate pools with positive things. In short, having a swimming pool that is accessible to everyone can benefit in many ways.

Convenience Store

Having a convenience store inside the master plan is a blessing for all of us. Think about it for a quick second, a store nearby will avoid running outside of the compound for buying groceries and household items every time. Moreover, it will be very easy to get daily household items without any worries. It can cut down a good amount of time that we are spending on shopping for everyday household items.

Gym and Spa

Being active is known to have several health benefits, both physically and mentally. It may even help you live longer, is crucial for supporting a fast metabolism and burning more calories. Having a Gym for regular workouts will keep us more healthier and immune. Gym and Spa are some of the most demanding amenities nowadays because most of us are more concerned about our health than anything.


Libraries are one of the best places for everyone to gain knowledge, personal development, critical thinking, and much more. It helps both young and old people to spend their time reading books and magazines whenever they find time. Studies suggest that early exposure to books in the home matters because books are an integral part of our daily routines and practices that enhance lifelong cognitive competencies. Besides, these competencies not only facilitate educational and occupational achievements but also lay a strong foundation for life-long routine activities that enhance literacy and numeracy. In short, libraries are an important part of life. It furnishes an opportunity to check out books, conduct your research work, and offers a quiet place to study in a serene environment to flip through a magazine.

Games Room

A game room allows the family to spend more time together, especially when there are games that the entire family can enjoy together. Especially for kids, the game rooms are their favorite place to spend time on weekends playing with their friends.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop provides a place to gather, work, and drink. It can be a gathering place with our friends in the evening or a place to discuss new plans on weekends. Anyway, it’s a much-needed facility these days since we all love sharing ideas and making plans while sipping coffee.

Mini Theatre

One of the advantages of a mini theatre is we get the same movie-going experience, without the hassle. Moreover, it will be much easier to go there with our family regularly to spend our leisure time.  Overall, it will be one of the best options for movie lovers and kids to really enjoy the holidays and weekends.

Banquet Hall

A banquet hall is a place where we can gather with friends and families to enjoy birthdays, anniversaries, and events. As compared to our homes or any outdoor setup, banquet halls have the advantage of luxurious facilities for family and friends. With a banquet hall, we have the privilege to host more guests under one roof. A clubhouse with a banquet hall can save a lot of time when we want to celebrate special occasions with our loved ones. 

At Parklane, we provide a fully equipped and dedicated clubhouse with top-notch facilities where you can enjoy yourself with family and friends. We have designed the clubhouse in such a way that it meets all the requirements of our family’s day-to-day activities without any compromise. 

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